Manufacturing Automation Systems

Manufacturing automation systems allow manufacturers to efficiently assemble, program and test products and assemblies. Electromechanica, Inc. designs turnkey customized assembly and test systems for manufacturers across a wide variety of industries including transportation, defense, industrial and consumer products. Our manufacturing system range from simple manufacturing jigs and fixtures to fully automated integrated assembly and test cells. Our experience with material handling and processing works in concert with our factory automation and motion control expertise. We can tailor a solution for clients that meets the goals of quality, throughput and cost reduction.


  • Manufacturing Fixtures & Jigs
  • Positioning & Worker Ergonomics
  • Assembly Equipment & Work Cells
  • Difficult to Automate ‘Soft’ Materials
  • Hazardous Materials & Processes

  • Automated Assembly Line Equipment
  • Parts & Material Handling
  • Fully Automatic to Semi-Manual Systems
  • Robotics and Parts Feeding
  • Machine Vision
Test & QC-

  • In-Process Verification and Quality Check
  • Firmware/Serialization Programming & Marking
  • End-of-line Test and Verification for Statistical Process Control

Assembly Cell System Integration

Efficient assembly cells meet customer needs to reduce defects and improve throughput. EMI works with clients to identify actionable automation opportunities in their existing or proposed assembly processes. Helping our clients realize gains in their assembly process drives value and ensures cost effective assembly with improved quality and profit. We work with clients in a range of industries to identify and implement assembly strategies that have proven ROI. These solutions can vary from very simple process flow changes to Poke Yoke assembly jigs and manufacturing fixtures. Where automation is appropriate we work with clients to develop a scope of automation that is appropriate. In some cases we automate certain steps of an assembly process to improve worker efficiency or mitigate safety or ergonomic issues. In other cases we have designed and delivered fully automated assembly cells to reduce labor cost.

In addition to conventional process and assembly systems, EMI specializes in hard-to-automate materials and processes where material and product characteristics require special approaches. This includes the processing of hazardous materials including energetic, pyrotechnic and explosives.


Integrated Test & Programming

Electromechanica, Inc. specializes at integrating test and programming functions into assembly systems. We are a National Instruments Alliance Partner and deliver automation & test solutions using LabVIEW. Our experience encompasses a broad range of capabilities including machine vision, automated firmware programming & verification, SQL Database integration and quality data visualization. Adding in-process QC checks reduce defects and scrap while additionally providing actionable information in real time to ensure your process is operating at the peak of efficiency.  EMI works with stakeholders including production manages, manufacturing engineers, quality engineers and management to collect, present and take action for statistical process control and overall quality and production compliance.