Automated Test Equipment

Automated Test Equipment (ATE) is used broadly in a variety of industries to provide adaptable, reconfigurable test solutions. ATE integrates test instrumentation, DUT interconnect and software to create a system to efficiently execute a sequence of test steps. Electromechanica, Inc. is a National Instruments Alliance Partner with 15 years experience designing, integrating, programming and deploying ATE. EMI can provide turn key system development including instrument specification, rack integration & assembly, interface test adapters (ITAs) and all required custom cables, bed-of-nails fixtures and other test fixtures. We have LabVIEW Certified developers on staff to develop all test programs.

High Power ATE

Electromechanica, Inc. specializes in high voltage & high power Automated Test Equipment (ATE). We build specialized test systems for mass transit / light rail component test. We design test systems that allow safe high power test of components in full compliance of all applicable OSHA, ANSI and NFPA Standards.

Our experience includes:

Power Conversion-

  • Low Voltage Power Supply (LVPS) to 25kW
  • Auxillary Inverter, 1 Ph & 3 ph to 65kW
  • 1.5 kV DC system input to 100kW
  • Full load thermal cycling
Traction Systems-

  • Traction Inverter – High Energy Pulse Test
  • Rail Gap Test
  • IGBT Pulse Test
  • Current and Voltage Transducer Test
Train Systems-

  • Signs, Inter-car Communication, Signaling Test
  • Trainline and Automatic Train Control Test
  • PCB and Line Replaceable Unit (LRU / LLRU) Component Test

Automated Product Test Systems

EMI designs automated test systems to allow product manufacturers to efficiently test their products. Our custom designed systems provide consistent total test coverage. Test sequences are developed for required inspection coverage and may include data collection. EMI can wire test results to simple text files or more structured data tools including SQL databases. Tests may include JTAG boundary scan, functional test of electronics or electromechanical test of sensors and actuators.

To start the discussion of how Electromechanica, Inc. can work with you to solve the hardest ATE challenges please contact Karl Edminster at or 508.967.0424 x 107