Electronics, Software & PC Fab

Analog, Digital, RF, Instrumentation,
and Motion Control

Our team of electrical and software engineers design robust circuits using best practice methodologies. Our crossfunctional teams of engineers perform concurrent engineering efforts to streamline the development cycle. Their core disciplines include embedded microcontroller, mixed signal, RF, and motion control engineering. Electromechanica’s real strength is our ability to integrate entire hardware systems and develop the software to control and measure their performance. Our software capabilities include LabVIEW for PC based data acquisition, systems/process control and analysis. Some projects require embedded microcontroller code development in C or assembly to control embedded systems. Our team collaborates to develop completed systems that meet or exceed critical design specifications.


Unique Design

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3D CAD Modeling, Product Design, Manufacturing Ergonomics, Prototyping Machining Center, System Testing

Our team of mechanical and manufacturing engineers attack problems from different perspectives to produce an efficient integrated system. Electromechanica, Inc. engineers design products, test stations, robotics, manufacturing fixtures, and other mechanical systems in collaboration with our electrical engineering staff. Our engineers utilize 3D CAD modeling and our on-site CNC machine shop to provide our clients with quick turn design iterations and prototypes.

Electromechanica, Inc. designs:

  • PCB assembly functional test systems
  • LabVIEW based test and programming systems
  • Thermal component test fixtures (liquid & air)
  • High voltage, current & power systems
  • Manufacturing test automation
  • Turnkey functional test solutions for electromechanical systems
  • Robotic Systems
  • Pipe inspection robots